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2007 - B.A. Game Design • Hastings College • Hastings, NE

Relevant Work Experience

March 2017- Nov 2017 • Senior Software Developer • Digital Harbor/Social Forms • Remote
- Drove initial development and release of Node.js and Angular 1.x application Forms Builder 1.0 and subsequent release 1.5 with a small agile team of developers
- Created forward thinking JS libraries, directives, modules, and services for core components in Forms Builder product
- Fostered creation of new development model using Slack to enhance agile methodology
Feb 2014 – Dec 2016 • Front - End Development Design Lead • IBM • Remote Office
- Lead the design and development of a Project Showcase containing all assets, comments, and milestones for internal products built on Node.js, Angular, using Rest JSON services, CMS capabilities enabled through SSO login and MongoDB to collaborate with another project using the same stack
- Lead Developer and Architect of Design Pattern Library 2.0 built on Node.js, Angular, using Rest JSON services, CMS system transferred to Git collaborative environment
- Lead Developer on Design Pattern Library CMS system built on PHP MVC CodeIgniter architecture supported by Backbone.js and jQuery with REST JSON Services running on LAMP stack
- Developed scalable custom controls and functional prototypes using javascript Node, Angular, and Dojo depending on the development team and either LESS or SASS enhanced CSS
- Spread Design Thinking Methodology as well as use of Media Queries, Semantic HTML, and enhanced accessibility through the use of ARIA tagging
- Created and manage the Front-End development community for SmarterWorkforce
- Introduced SLACK to team for faster and more collaborative work experience
- Lead weekly FE development meetings to provide innovation and support to fellow remote developers
Aug 2011 – Jan 2014 • UI Developer/Designer • Kenexa an IBM Company • Lincoln, NE
- Developed scalable UI infrastructure for new ASP.NET MVC architecture redesign
- Created javascript and jQuery controls for application developers to utilize
- Introduced and spread use of media queries, responsive elements, and semantic html
- Create UI assets using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
- Create UX workflow diagrams and presentations (, Axure)
- Build, manage, and present wireframes using Balsamiq Mockups and Powerpoint
Sept 2010 – July 2011 • Software Developer • Kenexa • Lincoln, NE
- Developed custom enhancements for client facing tools using ASP.NET C#, VB, and jQuery
- Corrected and enhanced existing system CSS to be IE9 compatible
July 2007 – Aug 2010 • Software Engineer • Kenexa • Lincoln, NE
- Lead Software Engineer on international survey projects
- Scripted, modified, and maintained SQL db and stored procedures using MS 2005 SQL server
- Customized ASP.NET (C#, VB) applications per client request in legacy projects

Unique Experience

2016 • Team Building Manager • Remote
- Ran a work-related Minecraft server for a summer team building challenge. Constructed the challenge , built a challenge tracking website and tutorial resource and taught sixteen designers how to play Minecraft and the finer points of maze and trap making.
2012 • Widget Developer • Desert Bus for Hope 7 • Remote
- Created a custom dashboard experience for users to keep track of the many aspects of the Desert Bus for Hope Charity integrating the chat client, twitter streams, video feeds, and ongoing auctions using PHP, AJAX, jQuery, JSON
2008 – 2013 • Full Stack Developer • Nyannet Personal Blog • Personal
- Created ASP.NET C# MSSQL Database Content Management system for personal blogging including XML output for rss feed, and social media aggregation, mostly with SOAP
- Restructured blog CMS with a new web host using PHP MVC CodeIgniter Architecture and Backbone.js, included rss feed and a new json rest api, MySQL database stored social media aggregation, and AJAX calls from jQuery


Matthew Nottage-Tacey is a developer, designer, and craftsperson living in the PNW. During his career he has worn many hats from Software Engineer to Lead Front-End Developer and has touched just about every aspect of designing and developing web applications at some point or another, his true passion is creating new and interesting ways for people to enjoy and interact with web content.

If you are a little more curious about him personally here is a quick summary. In his down time he writes fiction, runs a pretty sweet D&D Campaign, does a fair bit of woodworking, plays video games, watches foreign films, and practices Hapkido. If he's not doing any of those he is probably hanging out with his dogs (three Shiba Inu's, they are all good dogs.)